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This week on Broken Vows

17 July 2017

Azania makes a shocking decision, Ace plots with Samoele and Damian tries to get closer to Tshiamo. Broken Vows, weekdays at 8PM.

Lydia plays a dangerous game, pulling strings between Samoele and Ace. Damian’s dating woes are far from over as he awaits a call from Tshiamo. Azania makes a decision that shocks both her husband and colleagues.

Ace, fuelled by hatred, plots with Samoele. Damian tries to get closer to Tshiamo, only to make a horrible discovery. Azania does her best to work with Thandi, but feathers nearly fly as they clash over an important account.
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Azania tries to get involved with the lobola negotiations. Ace plots to further expose Caiphus and bring down Shona. Tshiamo appears with a surprising friend at Central Cafe. Azania is toppled from her high horse and locks horns with Gerty.

As the Ward Councillor election intensifies, an innocent person becomes the victim of a plot to secure victory. Charmaine exposes a secret to encourage Damian to fight for Tshiamo. Azania is forced to eat humble pie at work and is unexpectedly brought face-to-face with the loss of her child.

Samoele and Ace celebrate their latest victory, but Gerty has other plans. Tshiamo makes a beautiful gesture. Azania feels bad about her treatment of Brandon, but she has no idea what she’s really dealing with.

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