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28 January 2019

Bongi dies as she plans to come clean to the authorities on the baby swap. Watch Rhythm City weekdays at 7PM.


Having been touched by Lerato’s truth session Bongi decides that she needs to come clean about the baby swap to the authorities. This freaks Lerato out as it could mean the end of the road for all of them caught up in Bongi’s reckless actions.

On the other end Sabelo loses his keys to the club, he at first blames himself, and then becomes convinced that Chicken lifted them out of his pocket during the rough-housing, and is planning to use them to rob the club.


Bash decides to give Bongi another chance but is in for a shock when he walks in on what looks like an intimate encounter between Smash and Bongi.

Sabelo feels like he ruined his reputation with Suffo for nothing. Sindiswa on the other side decides to enrol in a beauty therapy course at a nearby college but doesn’t have the money to get in.

Chicken tries to convince Sabelo that he belongs with the 68’s and Suffo feels he can’t trust Sabelo anymore.

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Chicken gives Sabelo a terrible task to take on as a 68er but he’s frustrated by the way Suffo treats him.

Bash vents at Bongi for what he thinks is her betrayal. Bongani is angry with Bongi when she prioritizes the new artist Smash over him.

Will Reneilwe help Sindiswa with the money to enrol at her new college?


Dumi is being increasingly seduced by the idea of the 68s, as the Chickens patient squats with them while being nursed.

Nomalanga puts the pressure on Lerato to contain the Bongi situation - but when she tries Bongi is not interested. Sindiswa is caught on her lie and now has to come up with another plan to raise her profile and make some money.


Chicken’s patient with the gunshot wound is recovering and getting worryingly close to Dumi, who is impressed by the gangster’s tales of honour and brotherly codes.

Bash tries to find Bongi, but then discovers that she has not pitched up for work. In the end it is he who discovers her corpse dangling from the ceiling of her lounge; while David clearly is covering up for some late night darkness.

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