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From zero to hero: The story of Nelson Ntombela AKA Chicken

30 January 2019

Over the past week, Nelson Ntombela, graced our screens as Chicken, an ex-convict who has just been released from prison. Watch Rhythm City, weekdays at 7PM.

Chicken is a prime member of a prison gang called the 68’s. He gave protection to Sabelo, but now he is back to collect his debt.

While many have fallen in love with Ntombela’s character, Chicken, many have been curious about his background and his life outside the world of television.

Here’s how it all began:

He hails from Kagiso, a Township outside Krugersdorp, West of Johannesburg. Like many kids growing up in a poverty-stricken area, he had to overcome many obstacles which involves crime, drugs and other things associated with peer pressure.

At the age of 16 he was detained at in a juvenile prison for armed robbery.

The turning point of his life was the passing of his mother. Her death helped him leave his criminal ways, and led him to live an honest life as artist.

“When she passed away, I realised that I have no one to bail me out from problems, and I had to man up,” he said.

Nelson has been a back-up artist and an extra for a number of television shows. His lucky breakthrough came last year when he joined the stellar cast of Rhythm City.

5 Things you didn’t know about Nelson Ntombela

  1. He actually goes around carrying a live chicken in social events around his home town of Kagiso, and that is how the name of Chicken made its way to our screens.
  2. While in Prison he was one of the leaders of the gang that he was part of.
  3. He knows all the gang languages spoken in prison, 26’s, 27’s and the 28’s and he uses that to enhance his role as Chicken on Rhythm City.
  4. He dressed and lived like a “Skhothana” long before they came into the spotlight. In fact, he sees himself as the founder of that lifestyle.
  5. He is passionate about soccer, and has a scar on his right foot that he got while playing.

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