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This week on Rhythm City

17 June 2019

 Bash is a man on a mission and Puleng is struggling. Rhythm City weekdays at 7PM.


Bash tries to pull out of the interview but CC manages to emotionally manipulate him into doing it.

Gail and Mzi warn Bash against having an on-camera heart-to-heart about Bongi. Bash opens up fully on camera, incriminating himself.

Puleng gets more and more undone from the separation. She kicks Cuba out of her house and out of her life.


Bash is starting to trust CC implicitly and is opening up to her as he has never opened up to anyone before, however Mzi is not happy about it.

Bash opens the lid during an interview and reveals that Bongi swapped the babies.

Puleng’s struggling and clashes with both Cuba and Fats. She feels overwhelmed by everything, but when Portia comes around asking her to go out on the town, she declines and embraces her solitary life as a single mother.


CC is trying to pump the brakes with Bash, but he is determined to tell her and the camera everything.

In the face of pressure from her boss she makes a move to gather more incriminating evidence from Lerato, but Lerato reads her right away.

Suffo has prepared a divorce settlement for Puleng, but Puleng’s downward spiral sees her reaching rock bottom, and she asks Cuba to look after Nqobi for a while.


Puleng is struggling and finding it impossible to resist firstly giving way to drinking and despair, then to stop herself making a fool of herself at the Metropol.

Bash is opening his heart to CC despite all the warning signs, then David arrives home and offers to help her do a hatchet job on Bash. Siya has a dream job in Cape Town, but battles to come clean with Mampho about it.


Mzi tries to talk Bash out of doing the interview. CC tells Bash the truth. David finds out about a massive theft at the Prosecuting Authority.

Puleng’s frustrations lead her to tell her mother that she doesn't want to see her or her child. When a sweet guy tries to ask Puleng out on a date, she lets him have it.


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